Carabram – the Multicultural Festival Of the Brampton Municipality

11-13.Jul.2008 Eleven stage performances, each an hour long, within 24 hours, spread over three days. It is exciting, tiresome, exhilarating, leg- and foot-killing… In a word – wonderful! The audiences loved us, and we had a great time entertaining them. More than 2200 people learned about our national costumes, irregular beats, koukeri tradition, bagpipes and dances, and tried out kebapcheta, tarator and banitsa. This is what Carabram is all about – to offer a taste of each nation’s authentic treasures. I know you want to find out how on Earth our dancers survived the grueling routines time after time; well there were the high spirits, buckets of ice water at hand, yoga and pillates. Not to mention the yogurt drinks and kebapcheta. Bring on the next Carabram!