Our Third Carabram

10-12.Jul.2009 As you probably remember from our two previous participations in this multicultural event in 2007 and 2008, the Caravan of Brampton aims to showcase each of the participating nationalities' cultures in terms of food, clothes, crafts, music, dance, hospitality, etc. We have been very successful in doing that since our first Carabram, but in this year's one we achieved the pinacle of our performances - we took the first place in the "Entertainment" category. What made us really happy about this award, though, were the joy in our audiences' eyes when they were watching us on stage, and what everyone said to us upon our receiving of the award - 'Well deserved!'. And something else I will probably never get tired of repeating - we acquanted yet another group of roughly 2000 people with our music, dances, musical instruments, songs, and spirit.