Igranka's Fifth Anniversary

28.Nov.2009 It has been five years since the fulfillment of a dream of ours – for the Bulgarians living in Toronto to have where to dance traditional Bulgarian folk dances to the tunes of traditional Bulgarian folk music. It seems like yesterday when my wife Katya, my daughter Zlatina, and I launched the Igranka folkdance group. In those five years some four hundred people have passed through our organization, and they can now not just watch the dances from aside, but also participate in them and do all the intricate steps. Our performing group has shown a tremendous improvement too – at the beginning I have had to guide some dancers’ feet with my hands; this year, more than a hundred public performances later, our dance troupe won the first place at the Carabram in the Entertainment category, leaving behind strong dance groups from the other nationalities who participated in that festival.

We also instigated and established the celebration of some old Bulgarian traditions like the Christmas/ New Year’s male groups’ carol singing, dancing and blessing; the Midwife’s Day, St. Trifon Zarezan’s Day (the Vine-Growers’ and Wine-Drinkers’ Day), the Koukeri Day (the Mummers’ Day).

In these five years more than twenty thousand people have seen us, and have learned about Bulgaria, our dances, our gaida and tapan.

Igranka’s fifth anniversary party was a feast for those who love Bulgarian folk music and dancing. We had a great live band in the face of Zoran on the clarinet, and Vlado on the keyboard. It was an incredible honour for me to play the tapan along such great musicians. And the dancing? Oh, that was the major thing of the event. It went on from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. without stopping. As I’ve mentioned above, this was the goal behind the launching of Igranka – for those who love Bulgarian music and dances in Toronto to have a place where they can enjoy them to the full.

We would like to thank all of our friends and well-wishers for their support over the years! See you at our future events!