Igranka's Sixth Anniversary Celebration

27.Dec.2010 This was the most fun-filled anniversary celebration we have had so far. So many well-wishing guests - it was beyond belief. So different from the humble beginnings of six years ago when even talking about holding a whole party with only Bulgarian folk music and dancing was considered something to be ashamed of. Back then not many seemed to realise that It is only our folk heritage that can preserve our community's identity and give us a sense of belonging to it so far away from our motherland. The Bulgarian community in Toronto has come a long way - no Bulgarian gathering today goes without folk music and dances. That was our vision when we started Igranka, and it has come to fruition. We are so proud of that achievement.

Our deepest, heartfelt gratitude goes to all those who come to dance with us; to all those who support us in every possible way; to those, who with words of encouragement and sparks in their eyes stoke our enthusiasm to forge ahead. Without you all, none of our success would be possible. Special thanks go to Sts. Cyril and Methody Church's committee, and especially to its President Mr. Emil Georgiev for their support and generosity. Also, many thanks to our special guest-singer from Bulgaria, the incredible Danka Cvetkova, and to our guest-performers the charming Brazilian Dancers and the inspiring Greek Dance Group Levendia X who provided great entertainment with their spirited performances.

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