Third Koukeri Day in Toronto

21.Mar.2009 I don't think I need to tell you how great this year's Koukeri Day was; you probably feel its outcome in every aspect of your life - I bet success, good health, and prosperity are all over you, aren't they? Of course, that's solely because of our chasing all the evil spirits away so thoroughly. Yep, we have become really good at that. Add the increased number of koukeri in our platoon, and voila! Joking apart, we had lots of fun. We followed the custom to the letter, and then had a jolly good party with great food, music and dancing. We also held an improvised dance competition between men and women. Guess what - in this exclusively male festive event, the ladies beat us to pulp by number, dance choreography, and beauty. I knew this competition was a set-up... Better luck next time. The new thing this year was the live performance of our little folk band, starring Mitko on the gaida, Borislav on the keyboard, and myself on the tapan.