Fifth Kukeri Day in Toronto

9.Apr.2011 For the fifth consecutive time, although far away from Bulgaria, we followed our forbearers' ancient Kukeri tradition. This time the venue was in the municipality of Markham. Quite a few people from the surrounding areas dropped in to see the unusual spectacle. Even the local Councilor, Collin Campbell, pleasantly surprised us with a visit. He was astounded by the originality of the custom, and wished us success in maintaining it through the years to come. After the Kukeri had cleared the land of evil spirits and made room for the approaching Spring, we settled down for a traditional hearty Bulgarian dinner. It was followed by masked Bolivian dancers' performance. We taught each other some Bolivian and Bulgarian folk dances, which was a lot of fun. As usual, there was a lot of folk dancing. The night ended with yet another big surprise by our great friend Leon Balaban - he performed a new Bulgarian song for us, followed by one from his native Israel.