The Koukeri Tradition at a Pow-Wow in Rogers Centre

29-30.Nov.2008 The ancient Bulgarian Koukeri tradition is very similar to all other animalistic rituals that have existed around the world. Its aim was to chase away the evil spirits of the barren winter and to usher in the fertility of the spring/ summer agricultural season. It was also a rite of passage into manhood for the adolescent males. We had had the idea of presenting this custom at an Indian Pow-Wow for quite a while, and finally an opportunity presented itself. It was not just any Pow-Wow, but the biggest in North America. We did two shows of the ritual in two consecutive days. What an incredible atmosphere and experience! The similarities with some of the North American aboriginal dances made our performances so appropriate for this event. It was a great chance to share our culture with the aboriginals of this continent, and to see the very best of their culture. The common roots of all human races and cultures became more than apparent. Experiences like that erase the boundaries between people and make them realise the oneness of mankind.