Plamen and Marrel's Wedding Reception

28.Jun.2009 It was a joyous event for us to do this congratulatory performance for Plamen and Marrel. Plamen is the son of one of our dancers, Maria Notova, and Marrel has been a devoted fan of ours for quite some time now. Apart from the dances, we followed the Bulgarian custom as well - we did the rachenitsa with roasted rooster and the freshly baked bread, then the mother-in-law, our Maria, fed the newlyweds some bread and honey to sweeten their future life, and finally they broke the bread over their heads, each trying to get the bigger piece, and wrestled to step on the other's feet to see who the boss in the new family would be. Guess who won :) As always, we finished off with some traditional Bulgarian dances. We wish the young couple a long, happy and prosperous life together. Cheers!