The Day of Bulgaria's Liberation from Turkish Yoke

1.Mar.2008 The celebration on the occasion of the gratest day in Bulgaria's modern history saw the banquet hall of the St. Dimitar church full to the brim. Among the distinguished guests of honour were the Foreign Minister of the province of Ontario, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Kaneff, the Mayor of Brampton, and some others. They were ushered om under the sounds of a patriotic march and the tapan. There were speeches, after which Father Velichko blessed the gathered people and the dinner in memory of the heroes who fell in the fight for our liberation from the Turkish yoke. The entertainment part included performances by the Church's Sunday School children, the musicians from the Bulgarian folk group Nastroenie, and our folk dance group Igranka. Both on and off stage we danced with great enthusiasm and joy. Our latest dance got the audience up on their feet. There was a great festive atmosphere, and the entire night turned out to be a memorable one.