St. Trifon's Day

11.Feb.2012 The Fourteenth of February in the Bulgarian Orthodox tradition is the Day of St. Trifon Zarezan (the Pruner) - the saint of wine, vineyards, and merrymaking. This stems from the celebrations of the ancient Thracian god Dionisus, who was later adopted by the Greek culture as well. It's a big day in Bulgaria - all village men head out to their vineyards with a freshly baked bread, a freshly roasted rooster, and a bottle of wine in their bags. At the vineyards they ceremonially prune a few vines, pour some wine on the ground over their roots, and offer the following prayer to St. Trifon: Let there be as many vats full of wine in my cellar this autumn, as there are grapes in this vineyard! Amen!

A friend of ours, Miro, the owner of the wine making shop Vinomiro in Kitchener, has turned this holiday into a customer appreciation day (how befitting!), and invited us to do a short performance on this day. We did that with pleasure. We recreated the custom, performed a short programme, had a great dinner with his great wine, and danced the night away. Cheers!