St. Trifon's Day with the Kolorit Orchestra

12.Feb.2011 The fourteenth of February, St. Trifon Zarezan’s (The Pruner) Day is a great day in the Bulgarian Christian Orthodox calendar. Trifon Zarezan is the saint of the vineyards, wine, and merrymaking in Bulgaria. Early in the morning on this day, the men leave the village and head toward their vineyards with a bag full of freshly baked bread, a roasted chicken, and a bottle of wine. At the vineyard, everyone cuts a few vine sticks, waters the vines with wine, blesses the vineyard, and drinks to its fertility. Then all men get together, start big bonfires, warm up their roasted chickens, eat, drink and dance to the sounds of traditional Bulgarian instruments like gaida (bagpipes), kaval (open-end shepherd flute), gadulka (the violin predecessor), and tapan (bass drum). After that they return to the village and continue the merrymaking at their houses, surrounded by family and friends. It’s not easy to reproduce the tradition here in Toronto, but we did a good celebration of St. Trifon’s Day: a short dramatization of the ritual, followed by a lot of food, folk music and dancing. Our special gratitude goes out to the Kolorit folk orchestra of Chicago, who, with their incredible professionalism raised the spirits and warmed the hearts of everyone present at this festive event. Many thanks also to the wine supplier for the night – VinoMiro of Kitchener! Cheers!

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