Nedyalko's Trip to Bulgaria

 May, 2005, Nedyalko: I have just returned from a trip to Bulgaria, which was devoted entirely to folk dance and music research. I visited villages in central Thrace, where I learned some new dances and was extremely lucky to collect several original Thracian costumes and twenty folkdance costumes. I also spent ten days with the professional folk dance ensemble Zagore, attending rehearsals and two major concerts. The highlight of my visit to Bulgaria this time around was, undoubtedly, the International Folk Festival "Sofiiska Prolet" (Sofia Spring), held in Sofia in late April, where I gathered numerous dances, songs and customs from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

I love you and miss you, auntie Maria!

A stork in the village of Obruchishte

Folk Ensemble Zagore, rehearsal

Folk Ensemble Zagore, concert

Folk Ensemble Zagore, the general staff

My grandmother singing a folk song to me

Folk festival Sofia Spring, Shopian singers

Folk festival Sofia Spring, Rodopean singers

Folk festival Sofia Spring, Gaida player from the Rodopi mountains