Dorkovo International Folk Festival

28-30.Jul.2006, Nedyalko: The village of Dorkovo is located in the heart of the Rhodopa mountains. It is the venue of an annual international folk festival, which attracts folk singers, musicians and dancers both from Bulgaria and abroad. Luckily for me, I got a chance to visit the festival this summer and to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Rhodopa mountains; our rich folklore; my meeting the famous folksinger Nikolina Chakardakova, her choreographer Georgi Hinov and their dancers. Most enriching, though, were my numerous acquaintances with the ordinary village people of Bulgaria - the carriers of our folk culture and pillars of our nation.

Our folklore is the crystal-clear well of live water, which will always be quenching our thirst for real beauty, and which we shall be showing to everyone to drink from as much as they want.
Bacho Kiro
(a Bulgarian Renaissance leader)