Celebrating St. George’s Day at the Georgian Bay

6.May, 2007 St. George’s Day is a huge holiday in Bulgaria. Many a roasted lamb provide happiness to millions of people, gathered in small or not-so-small groups of friends for the occasion :). We, true to our Bulgarian roots, started the celebrations on Friday afternoon, and carried them out to late Sunday afternoon. We had chosen the Georgian Bay to be the venue for our festivities, because it had a nameday too. So, here is the scoop, in short: roasted lamb (tradition has been dully upheld), eating, singing and dancing all night long, both nights. We did some ‘mountain’ and cave hiking, played some games, and even arranged a water-melon eating competition. We celebrated Gergana’s nameday and Kristian’s birthday too. Oh, did I mention that we ate a lot the entire time? Oh, O.K. It was for the sole purpose of team building. You didn’t think it was for something else, did you?