Spring Time in Blue Mountain

21-24.Mar.2008 Those mini-vacations in Blue Mountain chalets turn out better and more fun with every passing time. This last one was really the best. It was meant for Spring greeting, but the Spirng simply did not show up. Instead, we skied till we were fully exhausted, and then we rested in the hot tub in the back yard. We filled the evenings with... guess what? Right - Bulgarian folk dancing and singing. There was also limbo, rope-skipping. Ah, it's good to get in touch with your inner child, if only for a few days. We kept close to the kitchen table (what's new!). The biggest pampering of all, though, was in the steam room, the sauna, the hot and cold pools in the Scandinavian spa retreat. Valya and Victor celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary. As Shania Twain sings, 'Still together, still going strong'.