Needlework at Tony's

19.Mar.2011 Our costumes have taken quite a beating over the past five years. A hundred and forty stage performances are not a joking matter. Some needlework was long overdue, so off we went to Tony’s place in the Royal Ontario Golf Club’s playground, following his cordial invitation. The women did the sewing, the men – the helmet bases for some koukeri masks, and the meat for the barbeque. With itchy feet like ours, there had to be a lot of folk dancing too. Lots of roasted meat, cakes, ice cream, you name it. We even managed to squeeze in a belated celebration of Mimi’s birthday, which took us out to the deck in the freezing night. All this under the watchful eye of the Super Full Moon, which, as you know, only happens once in a blue moon (hm, can I say this?). Anyway, some of us ended up staying overnight, only to wake up to the great smell of freshly made pancakes. It turned out they go really well with some European deli meats and cheddar cheese, never mind the jams and Nutella, readily available in Tony’s fridge. After that, completely full, we left with a brisk pace to the… golf carts, conveniently parked at the doorstep. So much for exercise. We then spent some time perfecting our golf-clubbing technique under Vesko’s thorough instruction. For the uninitiated, he is the ROGC’s chief supervisor, in other words – THE man. But even his world-class instruction could not get us to hit a single ball. Who likes golfing anyway! And that wrapped up the needlework.